How do I use the AudienceReport Next API?

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Once you have retrieved your API credentials consisting of a Client ID and Client Secret, you can begin making your API calls to your account(s). 

In the API documentation you can get an overview of all the different calls that you can make and which information it returns. You find the API documentation here: 

We recommend that you use Postman to run and test your API calls, but feel free to use another tool or programming language that might fit your setup the best. 

To run the API calls in Postman you need to go to the API documentation and click in the upper right corner ‘▶ Run in Postman’.

Now you will be directed to the Postman website, where you need to create a user. When your account has been created, you can begin making your first API calls. 

The following guide will help you to retrieve the Access code, which is needed for all the API calls you want to make in the future. 

  1. You go to the Variables tab and add the Client ID and Client Secret to the lines. Keep the Initial values’ as they are and add the credentials to the ‘Current values’. Next Click Save in the upper right corner and move to the Authentication tab instead. 

  1. In the Authentication tab, it reads the variables that you have added to the variables tab. Scroll to the bottom of the Authentication tab and click ‘Get new access token’. If you have set everything up correctly, once you click this, Postman creates an access token from the client_id and client_secret that you have added before. Postman automatically saves your access token in the authentication tab.

  1. Now you are ready to make your first API call. In the column on the left, you can choose between all the different possible 

To begin with, you need to add the Client ID and Client secret to receive the actual API key or access token as it is also called. In Postman, you need to find the tab called ‘Authorization’ and then scroll down to ‘Configure New Token’. Here you put in your Client ID and Client Secret as ‘current values’. Remember to click save!

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