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If you are interested in measuring CTV please reach out to your local sales or Customer Success Manager contact. 

In order to manually activate the CTV module on a custom item - also called trackpoint, you need to visit the item tab in Here you click on the small ‘i’ in a custom item where you can also retrieve general information around all of your items. These items can both be manually created or come from integrations such as Campaign Manager or Adform. 

If you cannot see the CTV measurement switch, but are interested in turning it on for an item, please contact

You can manually enable CTV measurement at the trackpoint/item level. That means, that you cannot enable it for a whole Custom items group, but need to do it for every item that you wish to. By default, a trackpoint/item is set to "Auto". This means that if the traffic on a trackpoint is automatically identified as CTV, the trackpoint/item will display results accordingly. 

The “Auto“ is the recommended setting. However, if the you prefer to use the CTV module for any item that runs on a CTV environment, regardless of our detection of CTV, you can manually enable it in the item settings by choosing the “Always on“ option: 

The "Auto" setting makes the system automatically detect CTV. However, there may be cases where something is actually CTV but cannot be classified as such. In such situations, you can then manually set the CTV module to "Always On" instead.

When we automatically detect CTV or if you have manually set the CTV to be ‘Always on’ we show a small icon, indicating that this item is CTV. Furthermore, in the item page you have the possibility to filter whether or not items are CTV:

If you have any questions regarding how to activate the CTV module, feel free to reach out to

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