​Using targeting with the right conditioning

When using AudienceData segments it is important to use the right conditioning in your DSP. If you want to combine different segments, the right conditioning will be crucial to the effectiveness of your data layers.

The two figures below illustrate how the different conditionings will affect your targeting when combining two different segments.

When using the conditioning “AND” you will reach the joint quantity between the two segments. I.e. if you are using the two segments female and age 35-44, you’ll reach females in the age 35-44.

On the other hand, if you are using an “OR” conditioning, you will reach the people who are either female or aged 35-44. Hence in this case, you will not reach people who are both female and aged 35-44.

If you have further questions in relation to the right conditioning, please feel free to reach out for us at support@audiencedata.com

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