How to search for your project

There are different ways to find a project in AudienceReport thanks to the "Find Campaigns" search bar you can find on top of your AudienceReport page.



The "Find Campaigns" search bar will allow you to look for a project by entering the campaign's name or part of it if you are unsure about the full name. 

You can also just enter the project ID in the search bar and the searching will return exactly the campaign you are searching for. Every campaign is automatically given a project ID, a 14 characters code you can find on the URL of the campaign:





Lastly, you can also search for a campaign by labels. In this case, you will have to prefix the label name with a colon. For example, if you are looking for the campaigns under the label called "Label1" then you will need to digit in the search bar ":label1".



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