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Setting up measurement in Amazon Ads

To instruct Amazon Ads to measure a creative with AudienceReport, you must add Amazon pixel as a Third-party impression URL. This is a generic pixel for all campaigns, line items and creatives.

Amazon pixel:

Pixels need to be implemented before creative starts delivering. AudienceReport will capture impressions only since the Amazon pixel was added.

Enabling the integration in AudienceReport

You must go to the Integrations page and create a new Amazon Ads integration.

You will be prompted for Amazon Advertiser ID, which you can find in the Amazon Ads on Advertisers list or Advertiser Details page.

Agencies account type in AudienceReport needs to map Advertiser IDs to AudienceReport Clients.

Agency account

Premium client account

You can add multiple Amazon Advertisers in one integration. If you want to activate the integration for additional advertisers, edit the existing integration instead of creating a new one.

Once integration is created, it will take up to 24 hours for Items to populate.

Each morning, AudienceReport refreshes the list of active (based on delivery) orders that belong to Amazon advertisers you added to the integration.

Reporting in AudienceReport

You can add one or more Amazon Orders to a single AudienceReport Report. 

You can exclude certain Line items from a report.

You can see reach, reach in TG, events in TG, events and Profile on the following levels:

  • Amazon Ads - as total
  • Each Order added to a report
  • Each Line item added to a report

The reporting period is bound to 84 days.

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