Where do I find the API key?

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When working with the AudienceReport Next API you need an API key. To retrieve one, you first need to go to the Admin page and click ‘API keys’. 

Be aware that you need the user access of ‘Organisation Admin’ to retrieve new API keys. Contact your Organisation’s administrator to change your user role. 

Here you can either change existing API keys, delete existing ones, or create new ones. To create a new API key, you click ‘+ New’. 

When you click ‘+ New’ you can create a new API key. You need to pick a name for your API key so that everyone knows what it will be used for and can tell the different APIs from each other. Then you need to choose the account(s) that the API key needs access to. 

When you have chosen a name and the account(s) to which the API needs access, click ‘Create API key’. A pop-up window appears and your API key can be copied and stored on a personal file. 

Your API consists of two parts - a Client ID and a Client Secret. For privacy and security reasons, the API credentials are only visible once, and therefore we suggest that you copy the client ID and client secret in a text file right away, so that it is ready to use once you need it. 

If you have any questions or want to hear more about how to get started with the API, contact your local sales or CSM contact or support at support@audienceproject.com

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