Setting up your first brand lift study

The Setup

Login into the Studies interface and click on the “+New ” blue button in the top right corner. Then choose to create a video survey and you will be redirected to the Setup section.


Here you can fill in all the details regarding your study:

  • The name of your study
  • The Language you want to use for the survey questions
  • The Brand or Product your study will focus on

In the “Interviews” field, you will need to enter the total number of people you want to interview with your study.

Please remember that the higher the number of surveys you want to collect, the higher the number of impressions you will need to serve to collect enough results. Finally, you have the option to enter the name of the campaign your study is related to. Remember to click on “Next”.

The Survey

It is time now to create the survey you will run in your own video player. You can either “Start from Scratch” and create your own survey, or use our “Brand Lift” template where you will find a set of built-in brand lift questions relevant for your advertiser’s specific campaign, and add additional questions if needed.


No matter which option you select, you will be redirected to the “Build” section. Here you can entirely customize the invitation text of your survey, where you will invite users to participate in the questionnaire. Then you can start adding questions to your survey.

If you have selected the “Brand Lift” option, the built-in questions (Brand Awareness, Ad Awareness etc.)will automatically be added to your survey. To edit or delete a question from the survey, click on the burger menu on the right side of each question.

By clicking on “Add questions” you can create customized questions that you can write from scratch.


If you have selected the “Start from Scratch” option, you won’t find the built-in brand lift questions per default added to your survey. By clicking on “Add question” you can add custom questions and/or Brand Lift questions.

How to edit a brand lift question

Even though each Brand Lift question comes with a standard text, you need to edit both the title and the answer options, by filling in the name of the brand advertised in the video ad or for example the competitors’ names.

Depending on which Brand Lift question you are editing, you will not be able to change the settings for the “Multiselect” and the “Randomization” of the answer options features.


How to edit a Custom question

Similarly, you can edit a Custom question. Please notice that here you won’t find any guidelines on how to phrase your question, but you will start from scratch. You can activate/deactivate the “Multiselect” and the “Randomization” of the answer options as you wish.

How to add a Logic question

You can decide to ask a survey question only if the participant has chosen a specific option in another question. E.g. Let’s say you are measuring a campaign for the chocolate brand Lindt and you are asking in one question what chocolate brand the user would be more likely to buy. 

You can then create another question, where you ask all users that chose “Lindt” what is the reason behind this choice. In order to do this, you need to create a custom question, create the title and the answer options and finally click on “Add logic”.


Here you will be able to chain this question to another one: in this case we want to chain it to the brand preference one, where we are asking users the chocolate brand they’re likely to buy. Remember to save.


When you are done adding questions to your survey, you can edit the thank you page text, which will appear at the end of the survey. Finally, at the bottom of the section, you can have a look at how the survey will look like when launched.

How to test your survey

If you wish, you can have a look at how the survey will look from the user perspective, on a video player. At the bottom of the survey section, click on 'View on demo website'. You will be redirected to a page: copy the link and paste it on an incognito page. Then you will be redirected to a page with a video: press play to start the video, the survey should shortly appear.


Launch your study

In the launch section you can find the instructions for implementing your in-video study. There are 3 steps you need to take:

1. Install an impression tracking pixel at the start of the video campaign you want to measure with your study.

2. Install a mid-point tracking pixel at the start of the video campaign you want to measure with your study.

It is important to install both pixels to the campaign when it is live as these pixels allow the Brand Lift study to know who was exposed to the video campaign and who was not. If the pixels are not correctly implemented, it will not be possible to run the study.

3. Add the VAST tag URL (the video survey itself) to your video player / ad-server. 

In order to book brand-lift study in your ad server:

  • Create VAST Redirect creative with URL for given brand-lift study URL
  • You need to create a Line Item in an existing campaign or a new campaign and assign the creative to the Line item
  • Set the geographical and demographic targeting on this line item so that it is exactly the same as the video campaign that is being measured
  • Set impressions target to 10.000
  • Set daily limit to 2.000
  • Set frequency capping to 1 per day (AudienceProject will interview once per study, but AudienceProject need to attempt once per day)
  • Start line item trafficking in two days after campaign start and end in two days after campaign ended.

Test your VAST

If you wish, perhaps because you wish to test the video survey creative in a VAST validator, you can test your VAST by adding the following parameter to the tag:



So, in our case, the test VAST will be:

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