What is the TechEdge integration?

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AdvantEdge Cross Media is a product from Techedge.

This tool takes actual TV impacts and actual digital impacts and combines the two data sources to calculate individual, combined, and unique reach and ratings.

In AdvantEdge Cross Media it is possible to track one brand across both TV and Digital platforms and measure the combined effect and the unique reach each platform has.

It is based on empirical data sources from both platforms.

Source: TechEdge (link)

Our integration with TechEdge allows you to measure reach and frequency across linear TV and your digital inventory (display, video, CTV, etc). Please note that you cannot visualize the deduplication with linear TV directly in our platform. We send your campaign data from AudienceReport to TechEdge, where you can see the overlap with linear TV. 

This integration is available in the UK, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

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