How to share your report with your client

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This article will describe how agencies can share reports with a client account directly on the platform with automatic updates when new data emerges. Note, that if your client has a ‘Premium client account’, all reports are shared fully by default (if your client and agency account are linked), meaning you do not have to actively share the reports. All shared reports are accessible through the report section on the home screen.


How do you share a report?

When you have set up your report, you have the option to share the results with your client. You can do that easily by clicking the ‘Share’ button in the upper right corner of your report:

What sections can be shared?

When you want to share a report, you can choose exactly which metrics to include in your client’s report.

You have different options as well. First, you can give your shared report a name. The report name will be displayed for your client when the report is shared - so make sure to select a good one!

Second, you can select which metrics and sections of your report you want to include in your clients' reports. Do you want to highlight the reach results, but do not need to focus that much on hit rate? No problem, simply choose the sections from each report tab you want to include in your shared report.


When you are sharing a report, the content you can see is mirrored in the client account. This means that any changes you make are reflected on the client account. E.g. If the campaign is live, the client will be able to follow the report development as the campaign runs, or if you change the target group and your numbers are recalculated the numbers are changing in the shared report as well.

When you have found the right combination of report sections, just click ‘Share’ and the report will be shared with your client.



If you are using each time the same combination of report sections in your shared reports across a particular client, you can work smarter by using templates.

This function allows you to save specific combinations of sections as a report template and use it for other reports for the client at a later point.

Simply click ‘Templates’ and either save the combination you made as a template or import an existing one.


Updating and revoking a shared report

Once you have shared a report, you have the option to make changes to the existing report or to revoke the rights to access it.

If you want to update your report, e.g. by removing a specific reporting section from the shared report, first navigate to the ‘Share report’ page. Then make the changes you need, and click ‘Update shared report’.

If you want to revoke the rights to access the shared report, navigate to the ‘Share report’ page, and click ‘Revoke shared report’. Once this is done, the report will no longer be available for the client on the client's account.

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