Agencies: managing user access for connected accounts

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As an agency, you have the option to manage which of your users should have access to client data on account level. This means that the agency admins and account managers, can easily manage and limit access to a client's items and reports. 

The access to client accounts is managed in, under the account page and the tab client. 

On account level, user access can be managed and edited, by clicking on the pencil in the user access column. 

A pop-over will show, where admins and account managers can edit the users who have access to the client account.

Admins can manage access to all connected client accounts, while account managers can only manage access to the connected client accounts they are account managers for. 
User roles are defined on organizational level, and not on account level - meaning that if you i.e. is a view-only user, you will only be able to view on all accounts you have access to. You can edit user roles by following these instructions.

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