How to implement creative wrapper in Ad Manager

AdManager has a feature called Creative Wrapper - pieces of HTML code that can be added before/end creative code. This method is used to deploy Moat scripts to Ad Manager for instance.

Creative wrappers have some limitations - they are not applied to all creative types.

  • For mobile web or apps, creative wrappers are supported for creatives built on the following types: Custom, Image, Native, Third party, User-defined template, or System-defined template. For other creative types, creative wrappers are ignored on mobile, even if they’re assigned to an ad unit.
  • Creative wrappers used in mobile apps might require additional code or styles to display correctly.
  • Creative wrappers aren’t supported for AdSense creatives, custom-rendered native creatives, DoubleClick Ad Exchange creatives, HTML5 creatives, out-of-page creatives, or video creatives.
If you are using Ad Manager integration, you can register impressions through AudienceProject master script (SAK) or implement measurement yourself. Creative wrapper is an option you should consider. You can retrieve it on Integration Details page in your AudienceReport account.

It looks like this: 

<script src="!-%eaid&d=%%ADVERTISING_IDENTIFIER_PLAIN%%&dt=%%ADVERTISING_IDENTIFIER_TYPE%%&dl=%%ADVERTISING_IDENTIFIER_IS_LAT%%&tfcd=%%TFCD%%&adv_id=%eadv!&c_id=%eadv!&au_id=%epid!&med=%%PATTERN:url%%" async></script>

This script measures impression and viewability.

How to create and apply creative wrapper

  1. Navigate to Admin → Inventory → All labels and Create “AudienceReport” label

  2. Create “AudienceReport” creative wrapper that is assigned to “AudienceReport label”

  3. Assign “AudienceReport” label to in-app AdUnits that needs to be measured with AudienceReport


HTML5 creatives

Creative wrapper is not applied to HTML5 creatives. However you can add it manually to creative code or corresponding creative template.

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