What are Custom Segments?

Custom segments are a way to include additional profile dimension when tracking campaign traffic in AudienceReport. It can be used to profile the traffic exposed to a campaign along arbitrary dimensions, as well as validate and compare the ability of different publishers, networks or technology providers to target groups of users matching non-standard criteria. While AudienceReports provides you what age, income and education your traffic has, custom segments provides you with additional information such as what size their houses are, who they vote for and how many of them are planning on buying a new car.

This is an extension to the built-in demographic profile dimensions in AudienceReport, and is offered in cooperation with third-party data providers, who collect, upload and label the segment data, either by using their own networks or leveraging UserReport survey data as the criteria for segmentation.

What can Custom Segments be used for?

Custom segments provides advertisers with insight into how well a campaign performs in regards to very specific target groups related to their product or service. Publishers on the other hand ensure their advertisers that they reach their desired target groups giving publishers the opportunity to document the quality of media.


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