What is an API?

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An API is a way to access data and platform interaction without being explicitly in the platform. You can make a code for your own system or application, that can retrieve and connect data from your own setup with the AudienceProject Next. That also means that the API is a tool that can be used to create for example custom dashboards and setups uniquely fitting your own organization. Your organization simply gets access to one or more of your accounts through a unique API key, which, through coding in different languages, can retrieve data back in time. The data can be shaped once retrieved, meaning that you can make your own weekly, monthly, or yearly reports fitting your needs. Furthermore, the API key can also be used to control report setup, creation of items, and report results. 

In the API documentation, you can get an overview of all the different calls that you can make and which information it returns. You can find the API documentation here.

If you are interested in learning more about how to use the AudienceReport Next API please reach out to your local CSM or Sales person. 

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Understanding the API documentation

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