In-view tracking of inlined content

We have a script that allows publishers to measure the viewability of elements that are inlined to their pages. In this sense, we are not talking about banners served by ad servers. We are rather talking about measuring images, forms, and inputs that are placed on your page.

In order to measure this you need to add the following in-view tracking code to your page:

<script src="" async></script>

Then you need to mark the elements on the page that needs to be tracked. In order to do that, you add class="ar-inview" and attribute data-tcode="trackingcode" to the elements. For example:

<a href="" 
          >Visit AudienceReport website for more information</a>

Our script will search for these elements on the page and fire impression pixels derived from the tracking code. Then the script will check if it can detect the viewability of the elements. For instance, if the content is rendered inside an iframe - the viewability cannot be detected. When everything is fine, the event iv-supported will be sent to AudienceReport. When the specified elements are in-screen for more than 1 second, an in-view event pixel will be requested.

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