How to add custom report items

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If you want to create a reporting item without using one of our integrations, you can create a custom report item. You have two options for how to do that.

1. Start by creating a new report from the Reports tab. Then select ‘Create and add custom items’.

2. Create a new Custom item from the Items tab

After that, the flow of creation is identical for both options.

In the opened window the first option you have to do is to select a Client account this custom item should be related to (for premium client accounts this step is discarded).

After that, you also have 2 options:

1. To create a new custom reporting item, just type in the name of the item you want to create, in the field at the top and hit enter. 

Then you have the option to rename items you just created and a custom items group that was automatically created for them. To do that simply click on the pencil button near the name.

Custom item groups could help you e.g. to have a better overview of your items by media type.

2. Click on 'Create custom group' and name it and press Save. Then add names of custom items you want to create in the field at the top and hit enter. They will appear under the created custom item group.

You can also create more than one custom item group and move existing custom items between them. Simply select the item(s) you want to move and click ‘Move to custom group’.

Pro-tip: if you have a long list of placements you have to create, you can copy a list of placements from a column in Excel and paste it directly into the field for creation. This will create all your custom reporting items at once. 

Next, you have the option to assign your group or your reporting item to a specific channel. The channel you select will influence the view of your reporting items in your report.

To assign a channel to a reporting item or group, click ‘No channel’ in the channel column, and select the channel you want to assign to your item. You can learn more about working with channels here.

After assigning your reporting items to groups and channels click on 'Add X items to report' in the upper rights corner (if they were created from the report) or 'Create' (if they were created from the Items tab)

Then, it’s time to add/modify the pixels for the items. You can read more about it here

If you have questions in relation to custom items and how to add them, feel free to reach out to us at

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