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When you want to implement a AudienceReport tacking pixel in Ad Tech, first you need to decide if the pixel is to be implemented as part of an image banner or as a third party pixel.

If you are implementing a tracking pixel to an image banner

Go to you Ad Tech account, and upload the image you want to use as banner.

To add the pixel now press “Add Feature” next to Image banner with HTML.

In the pop-up

Now paste in your AudienceProject tracking pixel into the box “Optional Extra Counting Pixel”. It is important that you leave out the “<img src” part of the tracking pixel.

For example, if you want to implement this tracking pixel:

<img scr="">

The part you have to implement in Ad Tech will only be:

You have now added a the AudienceReport tracking pixel to your image banner.


If you are implementing the AudienceReport tracking pixel as a third party pixel 

Go to your Ad Tech account.

To add a third banner, click the add feature on Third party tag wizard row.

Paste your 3rd party tag and then paste the AudienceReport tracking pixel below the tag in the window. It is important that the whole pixel is implemented, which means that you have to include the <img scr”….” Part. You pixel will look like this:

<img scr="">

Click on save.

The AudienceReport tracking pixel is now implemented as a third-party tracking pixel. 

If you have further questions or need help in any way, our support team is always happy to help. Reach out for us at

In regards to Event tracking you will need to consult with your Ad tech support team to receive help on what type of events you can track and how to add the tracking tags to their system.


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