What are Kits?


Kits are a reliable report tool to document your ability to reach specific target groups with your media.

By placing a SAK script from AudienceProject points on your website, you will enable Kits to validate your audience in real time and against real people.

The benefit of using Kits is that it is a powerful way to validate and showcase your audience: Kits provide you with reliable insights on important audience metrics such as reach, sociodemographics, affinity and page views across your digital channels.

This way, you will be able to showcase to advertisers your ability to reach specific target groups.

Kits reports can be generated in relation to the total online population or any target audience you choose.

To know more about target audience possibilities click here.


If you have questions or need help to handle this setup please feel free to reach out to our Customer Success teams on support@userreport.com


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The technology behind Kits