Accessing targeted data with DFP Audience sync

This article describes how DFP Audience sync works, how you can get an overview of your inventory and how you can use the data for targeting.

AudienceProject data in DFP sync audience solutions is presented by the following categories:

Key-values for data AudienceProject data

There are key-values with predefined selection options for all segments that need to be transferred.

These examples are just for information purposes. These keys should not be used for targeting directly. They are used for the segment definition. We master the Audience segment called "AudienceProject data". This segment is not available for targeting yet. 

Targeting segments

They are defined as filter upon master Audience segment and filter upon ap_* keys described above.


You can get an overview of your segment sizes, impressions and much more in Audience Explorer.



Your orders or line items should be targeted with targeting segments like in the example below.


DoubleClick's interface for Audience segment selection is not very fast and also it does not show if it is 1st or 3rd party segment. In the following you can find a shortcut to make sure that you are using the 1st party segment:
  1. In Audience explorer build a filter
    - Type is First-party
    - Name contain AudienceProject
  2. Find the segment you would like to target
  3. Copy the segment ID
  4. Paste the ID of the segment in the targeting interface
  5. Wait for DoubleClick to fetch the segment name and verify if it is the segment you wanted to use

Taking into consideration that IDs are static - it is possible to export them once and use them for targeting.




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