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When brands are switching agencies, it is important to update the data management preferences regarding campaigns in AudienceReport. For this, you need to disconnect your account from the ‘old agency’ and connect to the new one (it's related only to premium client accounts, not simple client accounts).

How to disconnect an agency account from a premium one and vice versa

To do this, you need to log in to the Admin page and then select the account you wish to disconnect. Under the Agency tab (for premium clients) or Client tab (for agencies), you can press the 'Disconnect agency/client' button to initiate the process.

How to disconnect client accounts

To do this, you need to log in to the Admin page and then select the agency account where the client account you want to disconnect is located. Then go to the 'Clients' tab and click the trash bin button for the client account you want to disconnect. The disconnected accounts will appear in the Archived section at the bottom of the page

How to find archived reports

When a client is disconnected, all reports are moved to an archived section. The user can find archived reports by checking a checkbox on the reports list as seen below:


What happens to data after disconnecting accounts? 

Once disconnecting accounts, this has implications on the data that was previously accessible for both accounts. ‘Data’ constitutes reporting items and reports that contain those reporting items. Depending on the type of accounts disconnected, data will be impacted according to whether reporting items have come through an integration or been created manually. 

The following scenarios can occur in terms of disconnecting accounts:

1. Agency and premium client accounts disconnected

Once an agency and a premium client account are disconnected, reports and reporting items will still be available for the premium client account but not for the agency. 

Integrations can be set up both via the agency account or on the premium client account itself. In general, data will always stay on the premium client account. This means:

  • If the integration is set up on the agency account: the integration will be paused for that advertisers. No new items will be fed into the premium accounts. Existing ones will still deliver data as long as the pixel is still active in the Ad server.
  • If the agency wants to prevent this, they need to remove the pixel manually in the Ad server. 
  • If the integration is set up on the premium client account, nothing will change.

As part of the disconnection of accounts, all agency user access will be removed from the premium client account. Admin and account manager users from both agency and premium client are allowed to disconnect the agency and premium client accounts. Disconnection can be done from the AudienceProject Platform portal.

2. Agency and client accounts disconnected

In case of an agency and client account being disconnected, the data will no longer be visible on the client account. This is due to the fact that the agency has created the client account on behalf of the client. Therefore, the following things will happen once the account is disconnected:

  • The reporting items of a disconnected client will no longer be available for the agency users.
  • No new reporting items can be added to the client.
  • Existing reporting items will stop being updated with campaign data
  • No new reports can be created for the specific client
  • All integrations for the disconnected client will be paused
  • It is not possible to pull data from integrations

Although the accounts are disconnected, the agency will still be partly owning the data. That said, the data will be available for i.e. planning purposes. In this case, the report data can be accessed through the archived section on the reports list page.

Since the integrations will be paused, no new data can be retrieved from there. If the client is only one of multiple clients set up in an integration, only the disconnected client will be paused from the integration.

If the client wants to keep reports on their account after disconnecting the agency account, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or

This allows the reporting data to remain with the client after disconnection. Note that premium client accounts require a contractual agreement with AudienceProject.

Is it possible to re-activate archived client accounts?

No, it is not possible to re-activate archived client accounts.

Are users notified when an account is disconnected?

Yes, an email is sent out to admin users.

What happens to the client organization and users when an agency disconnects?

If the client organization does not have any other accounts in the AP ecosystem (AR, UR, HUB, kits etc), the client organization will be removed once disconnection occurs.

Are permissions applied to archived reports user access?

Yes, if an agency user does not have access to the client account and report before archiving then the user will not have access to the report after it was archived either. 

Is it possible to export archived reports?

Yes, users are able to export archived reports.

If you have further questions, please reach out to your customer success manager or to

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