Chained questions and how they work

You can chain one question to another if you want a certain logic in who is asked which questions in your survey.

Let's make an example.

You want to know if the visitors of your website own a car. And you also want to know which color their car is. It's easy to ask people if they own a car or not, but you want to make sure that only people who actually own a car are asked which brand their car is. In this case you should chain the two questions together.

  • Go to the “Survey” section and click on the “+ New” button on the top right corner and add your first question: Do you own a car? Remember to click on “Create”.




  • Create the second question, that you wish to chain to the first one: What brand is your car? Then in the “Options” section, click on “Chain now”.


  •  Choose the first question "Do you own a car?" from the dropdown menu and check "Yes" since we only want the brand question to be asked to people who answer "Yes" to the first question. Then click on “Apply”.


  • Now you can check to see if your question is chained to the first one but then remember to click on “Create”!


That's it! People who answer that they own a car will also be asked which brand it is. People who answered that they don't have a car will just move on to other questions in the survey.


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