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Adform PPAS integration

Adform PPAS integration allows you to automatically create measurement campaigns in AudienceReport. Please notice that in order to use this integration, you will need to use macro-based tracking pixels for all campaigns' creatives running in Adform PPAS.

New campaigns are created in AudienceReport every morning and impressions for each campaign will show in AudienceReport the day after they were logged. All impressions that were instead logged before the campaign was created, will be added to the report. Please notice that after campaigns' creation there is a usual delay on campaign counting new impressions.

What does the integration measure in AudienceReport?

The integration will allow you to measure in AudienceReport impressions and clicks - it will not be possible to measure viewability.

How to set up a tracking pixel

  1. Access your PPAS account and open the campaign you want to add the pixels to
  2. Click on the "Line items" section
  3. Then click on "Banner assignment"PPAS_1.png
  4. Click on the banner and you will see a window on the right side of the page. Select "Tracking pixels"PPAS_2.png
  5. Paste AudienceReport impression and click pixels into the corresponding fields.PPAS_4.png
  6. Remember to repeat steps 4 and 5 for all the banners for each line item, to be sure AudienceReport  pixels will track all banners.
  7. Finally, repeat steps 2-6 to be sure all the line items in the campaign are updated with AudienceReport tracking pixels.

Where you can find your PPAS campaigns in AudienceReport

You can find your PPAS campaigns in AudienceReport by typing in their name in the search bar or by pasting in the Adform campaign ID. Also, please notice that all campaigns coming from the integration have the label "Adform Ppas" so you can also filter your campaigns dashboard so that it displays only the campaigns coming from the integration.

Troubleshooting: how to verify if the AudienceReport pixel is firing correctly

In order to check whether or not an AudienceReport pixel is firing, you can use the Adform tag preview tool.

  1. Open the page where your banner should be displayed.
  2. Activate "Developer tools". To do this you can either click on the right and then selecting "Inspect" or  if you are using a  Mac OS system by clicking on "View", then on "Developer" and finally on "Developer tools".
  3. From there activate "Network tab".
  4. Reload the page where the banner needs to be displayed.
  5. Then filter the network activity by using the keyword " ppas"PPAS_network.png
  6. You should then see the AudienceReport tracking pixel, which should display the following information 

I cannot find my campaign in AudienceReport

Please notice that campaigns are refreshed once a day and that campaigns that logged traffic the previous day will be the first to show on your campaigns' list. Anyway, if you can see that the AudienceReport pixel is firing, you are not risking to lose impressions' data. Although a campaign may be delivered with a slight delay, this is fine as no data will be lost if the tracking pixel(s) were correctly implemented.


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