What is Event Tracking?

What is event tracking?

Event tracking will enable you to track other metrics than just impressions.

In other words, you can track many different events of your campaign which allows you to get a better overview of your campaign performance. You can e.g. see how many of your impressions have been in-view and how many of the users exposed to your ad have actually clicked on your ad.

What is an event?

To track something, you now need to know what you are tracking. Events, will be actions taken in relation to your campaign. The different kinds of events and their links to what is tracked, can be illustrated as below:

  • Content was loaded: impression
  • User clicked on content: click
  • Video was started: video start
  • Video completed: video complete
  • Content is in view: iv-enabled + iv-inview

What is the benefit of tracking events?

Using event tracking has a number of benefits:

  • Higher precision in Reach, TRP, Freq., etc., especially in complicated tracking setups
  • Possibility of including in-view metrics, click through rate and conversions rate in your reports.
  • And last but not least the use of Event Funnels that will provide you with a visualization of how many of your impressions actually resulted in conversions, clicks, who viewed your video to the end, who was in-view etc. 

If you want to learn more about reading the results from the Event tab, click here

A few things to remember:

  1. We do not report reach, TRP, etc. for events other than impression, since the sample sizes are usually very small
  2. To include a specific funnel in a PDF export, the user must remember to save it.
  3. Event types are limited to the pre-approved ones. Customers may not invent their own event types. If they do, and send us traffic with event=newsletter-subscribed or other non-whitelisted events, that traffic data will be lost
  4. Finally, you’ll still need to implement the tracking pixel in accordance with the event you want to track. Selecting the event in AudienceReport will not ensure pixel implementation.

How to get started?

To get started you just need to know what event you want to track, create the tracking pixels in AudienceReport and implement it in your ad server. 

You can learn more about creating tracking pixels with events here

You will be able to create a copy of your project using only the click tracking in case you have a project with a big sample size where you want to profile the click data as well, but this will depend on the project and sample size of the project, this will not be possible for all projects.




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Understanding Event Tracking