How to create an Integrated Report

Double-check you have taken care of the points listed in To-do list before creating an Integrated Report. If you did, then you can proceed with this guide.

Sign in to your AudienceReport account with your personal information and you will access a screen with all your campaigns.

To add an Integrated Report, simply click the green “+” button in the top right corner. This will take you to the "Create a report" page. Here you will have to go through four different steps when creating your campaign; “Report details”, “Sources”, “Target group” and “Report period”. Below is a description of each step.

1. Campaign details

In this section, just like in an ordinary AudienceReport campaign,  you can choose the name of your campaign. Once you have typed in the campaign name, you will need to choose the type of campaign: here you will select the option “Integrated Report”.


Finally, you can choose the country your campaign will run in.

Click on the “next” button at the right bottom corner or click on “sources” to proceed.

2. Sources

Here you will choose which sources to include in your Integrated Report: AudienceReport, Facebook and YouTube.


  • AudienceReport: here you will be able to select which AudienceReport campaign you want to include from a dropdown menu. Please notice that the target group and period for the campaign will be ignored in the Integrated Report and that you will need to specify them in the “Campaign Details” section.
  • Facebook: here you will be able to select which Facebook campaign you want to include. You will need to first select the Facebook Business Manager account ID the campaign is running in and then select the name of the Facebook campaign from a dropdown menu.


Need help connecting your Facebook account to AudienceReport? Check our guide.

  • YouTube: here you will be able to select which YouTube campaign you want to include. You will need to select the Google Ads or Display & Video 360 account where the campaign is running in. Then you will select the name of the YouTube campaign from a dropdown menu.


Need help connecting your Youtube account to AudienceReport? Check our Display & Video 360 guide and Google Ads Guide.

Continue to the “next” button or click on “Target Group” to proceed.

3. Target Group

This is where you select which target group you’d like to aim for. Please notice that Integrated Reports only support gender and age. If you are looking for more options, you can use the standard campaign instead.


4. Report Period

In this final step, you have the option of selecting a report period of maximum 12 weeks. If you do not set the reporting period, it will automatically be set as the latest date the campaign is tracking events up to 12 weeks back.


Remember to save your settings by clicking on the “save” button in the top right corner.

Now you have created your integrated report and in 6 hours data will start coming in your report in AudienceReport campaigns dashboard.

Please check our guide "Understanding your Integrated Report" for further information.

5. When do I need to create an Integrated Report?

While it is crucial to set up your campaigns in AudienceReport, Facebook and YouTube before they start, you can instead create your Integrated Report later on, after the campaigns have started.

6. What if I have multiple campaigns to test different strategies?

If you are running multiple Facebook or YouTube campaigns and you are testing different strategies, you can create Integrated Reports for each Facebook and/or YouTube campaign you are testing.

Please notice that Facebook allows you to bundle different campaigns together. This means you can create an Integrated Report in AudienceReport and choose to measure a Facebook bundle campaign. This way you will get the total number of impressions and total reach for that bundle of campaigns.

YouTube does not offer this option. This means that in order to get the total reach of multiple campaigns, you will need to create different Integrated Reports.

7. Can I send an Integrated Report to AdvantEdge TechEdge?

You can send your Integrated Reports to AdvantEdge just like you do with standard campaigns.

First, log-in to your AudienceReport account and go to the campaign overview section.

Find the report you want to send to AdvantEdge TechEdge. Before sending it, make sure that your target group is how you want it. Now click the “action” button to the right and click on “send to TechEdge”.




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