Edit and organize your media (website)

If you need to edit the website and/or app you set up in your UserReport account, go to the media section, find your media and click on the settings wheel.


In the “Setup” section you will be able to change settings and also to organize your media using Network and Labels.

Organize your website or media using Network

If you wish, in the media section, you can click on “setup” and from there you can organise your websites or media using Network or Labels, let’s see how.

You can create and select a network if you are a publisher and have different media networks or a company owning multiple groups of websites.

Grouping media or websites in networks aims to help you organize your sites for example by country, category or theme. Note that it is possible to change media network any time.

A couple of examples of how you may find the network function useful:

  • Your company own websites with multiple brands or titles belonging to different categories. Each category could be represented as a Network in UserReport. This will allow you to easily report audiences of your particular category of websites, or to target questions to be asked only on media that belong to one specific network.
  • Your company owns media in different languages. By creating a network for each supported language you can then easily filter on Media in the survey editor, when adding new custom questions to make sure you add questions in the correct language to the correct sites. Also, when configuring Audience Kits, you can filter based on language or country to make sure you select the right country for measurement.

Organize your website or media using Labels

For organising multiple websites and apps, you can also create and add labels to them. Using labels can make it easier to search for and find websites, or groups of websites. You could use labels to organise websites by theme, products, types etc. 

Once you are done, remember to click on “Save”.



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