The distinction between campaign impression profile and impressions in target group

When using data, and comparing the results of the measurements in AudienceReport it is important to distinguish between the impression profile of the campaign and the number of impressions in target group.


Campaign impression profile

The campaign impression profile will be a metric for the profiles reached with the campaign, based on number of unique profiles. This is, that even though a user is exposed for the campaign twice, the profile will only be counted once.


Impressions in target group

Impressions in target group is a measure of impressions executed in the target group. In this case, the frequency is not considered. This means that an impression will be registered as in target group, even though the impression might be the second or third exposure of a user.


If you have 1.000.000 impressions, and 75% of the impressions are in your target group, it does not mean that the 75% consist of unique first-time viewers, as frequency is not taken into consideration. This also means that the impression profile of the campaign can consist of different components, i.e. it does not necessarily have an even gender split.


Our AudienceReport Tool takes deduplication into consideration, both between media on the campaign as well as the unique people, being exposed on several different devices.


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