Getting Started with Cost Reporting

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To begin utilizing the Channel & Cost Efficiency features, simply navigate to the Report Setup page in the platform and activate the Cost Reporting feature.

As soon as you enable Cost Reporting, you can choose your preferred currency. Then just copy your budget and estimated impressions from your media plan. Based on this input, AudienceReport automatically calculates the CPM for each channel, which is then utilized for subsequent analyses.

Within the Dashboard tab, you'll discover four new metrics designed to enhance your understanding of campaign efficiency:

  • Investment: Your total advertising spend.
  • Cost per 1000 Events in Target Group (TG): The expense associated with achieving 1000 specific events, such as impressions or clicks, within your targeted audience.
  • Cost per 1000 Reached in TG: The cost of reaching 1000 individuals within your target audience.
  • Cost per Incremental 1000 Reached in TG: The cost for extending your reach with an additional 1000 audiences in your target group.

All of them represent the spending at the current point in time.

Also, you can see 2 new graphs related to Investments:

  • Cost per incremental 1000 reached in TG
  • Investment breakdown

You can see new Investment metrics in the Overall performance by channel section in the Dashboard tab as well:

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