How Viewability is measured

Measuring Viewability depends on the implementation of this in the different ad servers or whether you are using our scripts. Common is that you need to send the iv-inview event type to measure Viewability.

Why Viewability?

With a considerable share of ads not getting viewed by users (56% according to Google), advertisers waste millions of dollars in ad spend each year. For publishers, this decreases the value of their ad inventory.

The viewability metric allows you to track which ads encourage more viewership and engagement, helping you decide where to place ads so you can actualize your marketing strategies effectively.


Viewability and AdForm integration

Using our integration with AdForm will give you a more reliable measurement of viewability. Our solution is IAB compliant (i.e., your ad is considered viewable if 50% was visible for 1 second or more) and it furthermore detects if the clients browser supports in-view measurement at all, giving a more precise result.



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