Implementing pixels in Campaign Manager

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First, you need to create an Item you want to measure in the AudienceReport interface and export the tags. Read more about how to create items here.

 Choose Campaign Manager as your ad-server in the left side menu, and copy the Pixel URL: Impressions value.

To implement AudienceReport’s pixels in Campaign Manager, you need to create a Campaign Manager event tag. For more information on event tags, please go to Google’s Support page on Event Tags.

We strongly recommend using our integrations, as they facilitate this process. However, if you prefer to implement AudienceReport pixels yourself, then follow this quick guide.

Please note: we do not recommend setting tracking tags on the Advertiser level, as you cannot distinguish between campaigns. Event tags need to be set up on the campaign level.

For setting up the event tag, and implementing the AudienceReport pixel, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Go to your Campaign Manager campaign and then select properties. 

Then create a new impression event tag (if you want to measure impressions) and then click on “Campaign tag”.

 In the dialogue box, make sure you get the below settings right. 

  • The field ‘Enabled’ must be ‘Yes’
  • 'Tag type' should be ‘Image’
  • 'Tag URL': make sure only to insert the URL from your AudienceReport tracking pixel. 


Now save the event tag, and add it to your campaign.

If you are using Campaign Manager Tracking Ads

For Display inventory, if you are not hosting your campaign creative yourself, and are using Campaign Manager tracking ad tags, please make sure that the party implementing the tracking ad tag, is implementing it in either Iframe or JavaScript format. 

If the Campaign Manager tracking ad tag is implemented in Image format, the tracking will not work. This is due to the fact that Google does not support impression event tags for ‘standard tags’ (Learn more here).

For Video inventory, if you are running Publisher Hosted Video creative that you want to measure with a Campaign Manager tracking ad, then the Iframe or JavaScript format will not work for you. In this case, you need to ask the Publisher to implement two tracking pixels:

  1. Campaign Manager’s tracking pixel, so impressions appear in your Campaign Manager reports
  2. AudienceReport pixel you export manually from the AudienceReport interface. When doing that, you should ask a Publisher what ad-server they are using and pick it when exporting tags. Then AudienceReport adds all the recommended macroses automatically

Video funnels measurement

If you want to measure video funnels, you will need to export additional pixels from AudienceReport UI and add them to each and every Video creative in your campaign.

Please note:

  • Impression pixel is inherited from Campaign settings, and, therefore does not need to be added
  • The same creative can be added to multiple campaigns. If you add a pixel on Creative it will be fired for Campaign 1 and 2 that will in invalid measurement. To avoid this issue, create campaign specific copies of Video creatives to avoid sharing

So, practically you need to do the following:

  1. Open Download tags dialog
  2. Enable video funnel events you want to measure
  3. Enable only Pixel URL tag format

  1. You will see multiple Pixel URLs you need to implement on your Creative(s) in Campaign Manager. 
  2. For each Video creative, perform this sequence of actions:
    1. Open Settings
    2. Expand Third-party URLs section
    3. Add Third-party tracking URL for each Event:

  1. Paste the Pixel URL for the corresponding event type:
    • Start -> Pixel URL: Video start
    • First quartile -> Pixel URL: Video 25% complete
    • Midpoint -> Pixel URL: Video 50% complete
    • Third quartile -> Pixel URL: Video 75% complete
    • Complete -> Pixel URL: Video complete

Looks complicated? We have our Campaign Manager integration that allows you to effortlessly measure all or selected campaigns. You will need to handhold only Publisher-hosted video creatives tracking.

Learn more about it here

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