How to setup measurement in Adform buy-side (Adform flow)

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Adform Flow (demand side platform/DSP and ad server): is a product where you can buy impressions (link). There are different ad servers for publishers and advertisers.

You can set up measurement in Adform in two different ways. We recommend using our integration, as this will allow automatic tagging and less work for you! If you prefer to do the pixel implementation manually, please continue reading. 

First, you need to ensure that you have your tracking codes from AudienceReport ready for implementation. You can read how to set this up in this article. With your pixels in hand, you can now log in to Adform.

The AudienceReport tracking has to be added to your tags in Adform - therefore navigate to the ‘tags’ tab for your campaign. 

Here you can either select the tag where you add the AudienceReport tracking or create a new tag. Proceed to mark the Adform tag, then click ‘tagging’ from the menu bar. 

A menubar will appear, where you will be able to add your pixels. You will have a container for both impression and click tracking. If you are running a video campaign, you can also add video pixels to your tag, by selecting the tab ‘video pixels’. 

When implementing your pixel, make sure to paste the tracking pixel URL only. From your AudienceReport tracking code export file, this is the column called ‘Pixel:’. 

You can find Adform’s documentation on pixel implementation here.

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