How to merge projects

This is relevant if you have two or more campaigns that you would like to see within the same project. 

Enter one of the campaigns you want to merge. From here click "Actions" next to the campaign title.

In the drop down menu, choose "Duplicate campaign (reuse same tracking points)".

Rename the new project. 

Click "next" in the bottom right corner OR "tracking points" on the left.


From here, click the green "+" button on the right-hand side. Click on the tab 'Add existing' and select the campaign you want to merge with.


You will have the possibility to add all tracking points from a campaign, or include selected tracking points only. You can do so, by opening the dropdown clicking the arrow next to the campaign name. 

After selecting your campaigns or track point, simply close the box, and the track points will now appear in your track point list.

Remember to "SAVE" the merged campaign.

When merging campaigns, all data from the tracking pixels or campaigns selected will be included.

Note: It will take a few minutes until the merged campaign is updated. 

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