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The reach section shows a detailed overview of your campaign reach, the target audience hit rate and frequency. The report tiles show the results for the overall campaign timeframe.

You can use the graph to customize the visualization of your results, for example, you can visualize them by week, by channel or by reach. To do this, you need to click on the dropdown arrow, in the upper left corner of the graph, then select how you would like to display the results. 

The picture above shows overall metrics of the reach, as well as the reach distribution for each week of the campaign’s time period.

The picture above shows how you can display the reach distributed in time period through other metrics, such as ‘frequency’ and ‘on target percentage’.

You can for example select the “reach in target group and frequency buildup” graph, to get insights into the buildup of reach within your target group and the corresponding frequency week by week. In other words, you can understand how your reach and frequency evolve over time.You can download this graph as part of your report, when you select PDF or PPT export.

On that visualisation, if you scroll down you will see the reach by channel table.

Here you can see the different results for each channel. For example, this campaign has IO and Facebook as channels. You will see the overall metrics, such as “total teach”, “reach in target audience”, frequency”, etc. You can expand the visualisation to see the individual items of each channel, by clicking on the arrow next to the channel name (on the left side of the screen).

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