Viewability tracking using AudienceReport measurement script

AudienceReport offers impression tracking pixels that you can integrate with viewability measurement provider, so once ad-material became viewable they need to be fired.

AudienceReport offers viewability measurement for ads that follows IAB – at least 50% of Ad is visible for at least 1 full second.

To deploy viewability measurement, you need to add validation script to ad/creative that needs to be measured.

Script URL is similar to AudienceReport tracking pixel:

Script implementation varies from ad-server to ad-server, for instance:

  • AdForm - add through external script
  • Campaign Manager - add to campaign or advertiser using Event Tag with type script
  • Display & Video 360 - wrapper with explicit script tag
  • etc

Load of the script is counted as impression to the trackpoint. It means you don't need to implement impression pixel if you can deploy impression script. However some systems does not allow to deploy external scripts on some creative types, but allows to deploy tracking pixels. Therefore we outline two typical scenarios and how you should handle them

You have tracking pixel and you want to deploy viewability script

In this case you need to add additional parameters to script so it will not overmeasure impressions. Then tracking script URL is

 For instance your trackpoint is USRmyad1, so tracking script should be

You don't have measurement pixel and you want to deploy measurement script 

In this case you just need to deploy this tracking script without any additional parameters

For instance your trackpoint is USRmyad1, so tracking script should be


Campaign configuration in AudienceReport

When talking about viewability, we need to understand that there are few stages:

  • Ad is loaded to browser
  • Viewability script is loaded to browser, that result in impression registered by AudienceReport
  • Viewability script "understands" if it can detect viewability (for instance it does not work in old browser or in ads delivered to native mobile apps or video inventory). In case viewability script can work, it fires iv-supported event to AudienceReport, so AudienceReport can report on how many impressions viewability will be measured. 
  • Once ad become viewable based on IAB definition, script fires iv-inview event to AudienceReport, so AudienceReport now can report how many times users had actual opportunity to see ad

All these steps result in this beautiful funnel: 

When configuring your campaign in AudienceReport remember to turn on iv-supported and iv-inview events for trackpoints that you will setup viewability script for.

Too complicated?

Do you think it is too troublesome to setup viewability script manually? We agree with you, ads management is not easy thing nowadays. Therefore we offer viewability enabled by default in Adform and Campaign Manager integrations. Reach out to our support to enable Adform integration or participate in Beta-test of Campaign Manager integration.

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