How to duplicate a report

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When you have created a report, you have the ability to duplicate (clone) it. If you want to calculate new target groups and compare them with others, or if you need to add an item and compare the results with and without it, we recommend using the clone function. 

When changing the setup in a report (time period, items, and target group) the report will need to recalculate. This can take some time and needs to be recalculated with every change you make. To save your original report, it is a good idea to clone it every time you change something major. 

You can do this by going to the front page of your reports and clicking on the three dots next to the report you want to duplicate: 

When you click ‘Clone report’ the report will be cloned exactly as the original report, and you will be able to change settings while keeping the previous measurements in the original report. 

Remember to save the new version of your report and give it a name.

If you have any questions regarding cloning a report, feel free to reach out to Support at

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