Get direct link to the Feedback widget or manually display it

If you do not want to embed the Feedback widget on your website, you can use a direct URL. To find this, click on “Media” and select the specific media. Then click on “Widgets” and under “Feedback widget” you will find a section called “Advanced display options”. 

From the same section, you will also get a code to manually show the Feedback widget in a modal overlay.


By using a simple iframe, you can embed the Feedback widget directly in your webpage. In general, however, we recommend using the default integration, where the Feedback widget opens up in a modal window on the desktop, and displays as a full-page app on tablet and mobile (this will ensure the best user experience across devices).

In order to inline embed, copy the code from the Widgets section and include the iframe embed code in your webpage HTML.



        <title>Website title</title>




        Submit your feedback in our forum below. Thanks for your input!

        <iframe width="100%" height="600" src=<a href="" onclick="_urq.push(['Feedback_Open'])">Feedback</a> style="background: #ffffff;" frameborder="0"></iframe>



You can further customize your iframe by using the following parameters in the iframe source URL.


Here are a series of parameters you can use:


0 - hide close button

1 - show close button (used by default)



0 - hide logo

1 - show logo (used by default)



0 - hide report a bug form

1 - show report a bug form (used by default)

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