How are data integrated?

AudienceProject’s integration methodology allows Facebook and YouTube campaigns to be measured, integrated with AudienceReport campaigns, and sent over AdvantEdge for a coherent measurement of online media and linear TV.

The integration methodology involves three steps: (1) validation and integration of Facebook and YouTube data, (2) deduplication and integration of Facebook and YouTube data and (3) integration of online media and linear TV.

Step 1: Validation and integration of Facebook and Youtube data

AudienceReport gets Facebook and YouTube reach and impressions provided by standard age and gender groups by querying Facebook and YouTube’s campaign APIs.

The two media reach and impressions by standard age and gender groups are then calibrated against AudienceProject’s own panel. This way we make sure that the results are comparable with the rest of the AudienceReport universe, allowing AudienceReport to more accurately validate campaigns’ reach in terms of age and gender.  

Now that we have validated these data, we need to estimate the overlap between different media. 

Step 2: Deduplication and Integration of Facebook and Youtube data

When a campaign is running on more than one media, estimating the overlap between media is crucial. The same person can potentially be exposed to a campaign both on a news site and on Facebook/YouTube.

For this reason, and to get the most accurate unique reach across the campaign, we need to estimate the overlap between media and deduplicate the reach.

To calculate the accurate reach on a campaign that potentially has run both in AudienceReport, on Facebook and on YouTube, AudienceProject uses a model which is based on industry-standard statistical methods, taking into account the age/gender distribution of users exposed to the campaign across different media.

Thanks to survey-based usage patterns across different media, we then ensure that reach and frequency values are as accurate as possible, despite the lack of single-source data.*

Notice that if your campaign is set up on only one media, the deduplication process won’t take place as there cannot be any media overlapping.

Step 3: Integration of online media and linear TV

Just like a standard AudienceReport campaign, Integrated Reports can be transferred to AdvantEdge and integrated with linear TV data.

This approach enables a seamless integrated experience, where documentation of the overall campaign across online media and linear TV can take place through TechEdge’s application AdvantEdge. 

*For a more detailed description of the methodology behind our cross-media measurement, please reach out to AudienceProject.

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