Intercept - how to get started and install the script

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How to get started with Intercept sampling

Intercept Sampling is a cost-effective tool that enables publishers to prove the actual effect of campaigns running on their own websites. It allows them to initiate, execute and report their own brand lift studies. 

By using AudienceReport to distinguish between users exposed and not exposed to a specific campaign, publishers can run surveys that allow them to measure the effect of their campaign. 

Intercept Sampling allows publishers to run brand lift studies even on smaller campaigns where the sample in traditional studies may be too small. This is  because the surveys are carried out among the publisher’s own users on their own website and therefore reaches the maximum number of relevant users. This also makes it a cost-effective survey solution.

Customizing your Intercept surveys

This article will guide you through the steps of customizing the appearance of your intercept survey. 

Please note that the customization cannot be set for one specific intercept survey. It will be applied to all active intercept surveys on your website(s). 

  1. Log in to your AudienceReport account and select the project/campaign in question. When you are logged in, select "Intercept Survey" at the top. This will give you an overview of your intercept surveys.
  2. Customize your survey by clicking "Edit Settings" in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Under “Invitation design” (option on the left), you can change the color and add your logo.
  4. Under "Text Customization", you can edit the invitation title as well as the Invitation text. Here you can explain the purpose of your study and ask if the user wants to participate. Under the accept/reject button texts you will be able to type in the text display on the button the client should push to accept or reject the invitation.

  1. By clicking "Code Snippet", you can find the script you will need to implement on all the websites where you will want to run the survey. Please note that the survey may be deployed as a stand alone snippet or through the SAK script. If you choose to run the survey through the SAK script only, please be aware that the intercept survey will run on all sites where the SAK script is implemented.

Furthermore, it is important to point out that the script is the same for all intercept surveys. This means that if you are running more than one survey at the same time, all surveys will run on all sites where the script is implemented. 

  1. Press “Save” when you have finished filling in all the fields and copied your script.  Once you have saved it, you will return to your overview of your intercept surveys where you are able to set up specific studies.

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