Create your first Kit

When you sign into, you will access a screen with your website list. From there you will need to click on “Audience Kits” on the top right, you will then be redirected to your kits page.

If you have already created kits and you are looking for a specific one, on the top right you will find a filter option: you will then be able to filter kits according to target country, target profile, kits’ status and author.



To add a project, simply click the purple “+” button in the top of the Kits page.

This will take you to the “Create a new kit” page. Here you will have to go through five different steps: “Details”, “Target”, “Media”, “Build” and “Share”.


In this section, you will enter some basic information about the report you want to build.


  • Name: this is the name you will choose for your kit, it is for internal use and will not be displayed in public.
  • Client name: if the kit is meant for a specific client.
  • Country: the country, in which you want to document your ability to reach people.
  • Period: the time period your kit should cover. You can select up to 12 weeks.


When you are done, remember to press the “save” button.





If you want your kit to document reach, pageviews an affinity towards a specific target group, here you will define such target group’s characteristics.


  • Demographics: you will be able to define your target group according to gender, age, education, employment, income, children and house size.
  • Custom Segments: you can go beyond standard demographics and verify your audience against additional profile dimensions. You will be able to choose from a list of UserReport already existing segments but also add your own segments based on your own CRM system. If you want to know more about custom segments, please click here.


If you are already using our product AudienceReport, you will be able to add all segments available there also in Kits.

To add custom segments you will need to click on the “+” button next to “add custom segments”. From there a window will open and you will be able to choose among the available segments. If the segment you select does not contain data for the period you have chosen, the system will warn you.





Here you will select the sites, sections and subsections you will want to validate in the Kit.

On the top right side you will find the “Filter” option: there you will able to filter your media by statistics, label, network and level and you will also have the option to add all of the media just by clicking on the “add all” button.

For each media/section you will be able to see already the number of page views and their reach.




If you want to know more about how to get an overview of your kit, customize it and make it ready to be shared with advertisers, here we cover the "Build" and "Share" sections.


 If you have questions or need help to handle this setup please feel free to reach out to our Client Service teams on






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