Introducing Insights: how to create an Insights report

Introducing Insights

Audience Insights is an AudienceHub feature that bridges the gap between building, activating and measuring audiences.

With Insights, you can identify the socio-demographic profile of any audience you can upload or build in AudienceHub, and get a detailed report on your audience’s gender, age, education, household size and income helping you better understand and define your audience.

How to create an Insights report

You can get Audience Insights on any type of Audience you can build in AudienceHub before and after you grow it. 

If your Audience is grown, an insights report will be generated automatically and will be available through the insights tab.

If your Audience is not grown, you can generate an Insights report by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Insights tab on your audience
  2. Select the yellow”+” button in the top right corner
  3. Select country
  4. Select the column you would like to see insights for. In this case that is “intent”.
  5. Select the options that you would like to see insights for - If you wish, you can also choose to get insights on all of the options.
  6. Select Create, and a few seconds later your insights report will be available in the insights tab

Also, you can watch this short tutorial video where we show you how to create an Insights Report:  


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