How to import data from the original AudienceReport

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It is possible to import campaigns from the original AudienceReport to the new version of AudienceReport Next as items. To do so you’ll need to have access to at least one original AudienceReport account.

Firstly, you’ll need to ask your Customer Success Manager to make sure that your company IDs (CIDs) - of all tracking points you’re going to import - are added as available CIDs in your new version of AudienceReport Next account.

Then go to the Items page and click ‘Import items’.

Select the original AudienceReport account you want to import from:

Now, select one or more campaigns and click ‘Import’. The original AudienceReport campaigns will be imported as “parent items” with all its tracking points as sub-items.

If you see the error, for example, “This CID ZOU is unavailable", contact your CSM. They will need to add the CID of the original AudienceReport account you’re importing from to the list of available CIDs for your new version of the AudienceReport account.

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