What is addressable TV?

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Addressable TV is a hybrid between traditional TV ads and digital technology. Addressable TV uses programmatic technology and advanced audience segmentation to deliver specific TV ads at a household level in real-time. This means that advertisers can now buy audiences instead of programs — similar to the programmatic display and video buying processes utilized on computers and mobile devices. Segmentation can occur at geographic, demographic and behavioural levels. In other words, Addressable TV allows advertisers to show different TV ads to different households, watching the same TV programs based on their geographic, demographic or behavioural profile.

The addressable TV measurement tool is an add-on feature in our AudienceReport tool. If you like to buy the Addressable TV module you can contact your Customer Success Manager at AudienceProject.

You can also reach out to support@audienceproject.com if you have further questions.

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