Configure Google Tag Manager to resolve media dynamically

Each Media has its own survey. Sometimes, you may want to ask different survey on different parts of the website. For simplicity, there are Lifestyle and Sports sections on your website, and you want to run different surveys. If your content has a clear category indication in the URL (e.g., then you should use URL-based rules. Otherwise, you can utilize Google Tag Manager Tag and pass Media ID that you resolve based on a category variable.

Imagine you have a variable that you put content category and it {{Section code}} variable in GTM.

Then you need to create the {{UserReport Media ID}} variable of the Lookup Table type, and then map the individual category to the corresponding UserReport media ID you can find in the interface.


When installing UserReport tag in Google Tag Manager, you can unfold Advanced params section and choose {{UserReport Media ID}} variable as Media ID. 


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