The Net Promoter Score report

To look at the Net Promoter Score® results, go to the “Reports” section and click on “Net Promoter Score”. Here you can see your Net Promoter Score® and your distribution of Detractors, Passives and Promoters. The Net Promoter Score® is calculated by taking the percentage of customers who are Promoters and subtracting it with the percentage of customers who are Detractors.

In addition to this, you can see how your Net Promoter Score® has evolved during the last month or any time period you choose. Also, you will be able to see who, among your customer personas, are the ones more likely to recommend you.


In the “Newest responses” section, you will be presented with the feedback given following your customers ranking on the Net Promoter Score®. By clicking on ”View all”, you will be able to see all the feedback users left.


If you wish you can also select one specific feedback and get to know more about the user who posted it.


In this way, you can find out why your Detractors are unsatisfied and then act on it, giving them the feeling that they are being listened to and that they matter. At the same time, you can learn from your Promoters what you do well and what you should continue to focus on. In other words, the ‘NPS® feedback’ helps you retain and acquire more customers.

At the bottom, just like for all the other reports, you will be able to drill down NPS® results according to different parameters: media, demographics, customer personas, devices, questions. This way you will be able to easily find trends and patterns.

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