Customise and Share your Kit

To get an overview on how your kit will look, to customize it and make it ready for advertisers, you can use the "Build" and "Share" sections.


Here you will find an overview of your kit and you'll be able to modify its content. By clicking on the top right, you will be able to test how your kit will look on any device: desktop, mobile and tablet.

On top of the page, you can also customize your kits with a custom colour, logos, text, and images. 


  • Target: here you will see the size of the target group of your kit.



  • Quickstats: here you will get a brief overview of how your kit will look in terms of people reached, pageviews and affinity.



  • Affinity: this section will show you how your media are good at hitting the target group.



  • Reach/Coverage: here you will be able to see how many individuals out of the online population you are reaching. This section will also show the performance of your reach week per week and reach statistics for every media you are measuring. If your kit is targeting custom segments then the reach section will be replaced by the coverage one. Here you will be able to see how many individuals out of the online population you are reaching. To know more about the difference between reach and coverage, please click here.



  • Page views: here you will be able to see how many page views are generated. This section will also feature a breakdown of page views week per week and page views statistics for every media you are measuring.


  • Profile: here you will find an overview of your audience demographics compared to the online population. You can click on each demographic to gain more in-depth insights. 

The common affinity profile measures the audience of the campaign relative to the online population based on demographic variables, where the average online population is set to 100.

Therefore, a value over 100 indicates that in your kit there is a larger representation in your audience than in the average online population, whereas a value under 100 indicates that there is a lower representation than in the average online representation.
Whether a number close to or far from 100 is considered to be positive or negative, will depend entirely on the intended audience you want to showcase your advertisers. If the purpose of your report is showing you can reach as many people as possible in the online population, numbers around or at 100 would be good. However, if the purpose is to show you can reach a more narrowly defined target group, success would be numbers that differ significantly from 100.



  • Devices: this pie chart shows from which device your audience access your content. By clicking on each device, you’ll open a more precise drill down. E.g. if you click on mobile you will see how many users of your audience are visiting your website from Android, iPhone or Windows Phone.


  • Contact: here you will be able to add your contact information, add a picture, your phone and LinkedIn profile URL. This way, after receiving the kit, advertisers will have the opportunity to immediately contact you. 



Here you’ll find a number of options to share your Kits:

  • Public URL: here you can allow kit access by URL.
  • Export: here you can download the entire kit as PDF. The PDF version can be embedded on your website using Iframe.


If you have questions or need help to handle this setup please feel free to reach out to our Client Service teams on


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