What is the 2-step verification and how does it work?

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With the two-step verification, you can add an extra layer of security to protect your AudienceProject account. Whenever signing into my.audienceproject.com, you will need to enter your password along with a security code that will be sent to your phone via a text message.

If you want to make 2-factor authentication mandatory for all users of your organization you'll need to reach your Customer Success Manager.

If you want to enable 2-factor authentication on your user account by yourself, please follow the guide below.

The procedure to enable the two-step verification

Go to my.audienceproject.com, click on your profile in the top right corner, and then on “My profile”

Click on “Security” at the top of the page. Here you will be able to modify your password and enable the two-step verification. Click on “Get started”.

You will then be asked to add your phone number. Please remember to enter “+” followed by your country code before your number. E.g. +45 12345678. Once you are done, click on “Next”.

You will receive a text message with a 6-digit verification code. Enter the code and click on “Save”.

You have now enabled the two-step verification on your account.

Can I change the phone number I chose for the two-step verification process?

In order to change the phone number, you need to deactivate the two-step verification and activate it again with another phone number.

Go to your profile and click on the “Security” section. In the two-step verification section, you click on the bin to disable the two-step verification.

A text message with a 6-digit verification code will be sent to your phone. Enter the code and click on “Save”.

Note: In case you do not have access to the phone that is using the two-step verification, please contact support via support@audienceproject.com.

Now, you have disabled the two-step verification and you can enable it again with another phone number.

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