Will UserReport slow down my website? Is it affected by popup blockers?

Will UserReport slow down my website?

No, it will not!

The small company-centric “SAK” script that enables UserReport to work will not slow down the load time of your website.

The UserReport script is what is called an asynchronous script. There are many advantages of using an asynchronous script, but most importantly this script type is not able to interfere with any of the content of your website or slow down your load times.

The asynchronous script from UserReport will always be the last thing to load on your website. This means, that it waits for other content like articles and pictures to fully load before it loads itself. The script should be placed in the HEAD or BODY section on the front page and all subpages of your website.

Does the survey widget get blocked by popup blockers?

No, it doesn't. The survey widget is embedded into your website using various DHTML-techniques. The same goes for the Feedback Forum window.

By using DHTML-embedding the windows are actually not windows at all, but an integrated part of your website. The nice thing about this approach is that it is impossible to tell the windows apart from the rest of the website.

In other words, we have still not found a single blocker that is capable of blocking our windows from sight.


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