How to read a Brand Lift report

After your study has been running for a while and you have collected at least 50 results, you can access the Report section of your study and see how it is performing.

On the top of the section, you can check the status of your study. Underneath you can find the Effect Overview section. If you are asking some of the Brand Lift questions in your survey, then here you will see the effect of the video campaign on the metrics you are measuring in percentages.

How is this effect calculated? By comparing the answers of people who were exposed to the campaign and those who were not. Let’s say for example that you are measuring if the campaign had a positive effect on Brand Awareness. You will want to know if people who were exposed to the campaign are more likely to remember your brand compared to the ones who were not exposed to it and you will also want to know how large is the difference between the two groups.


In the Question Drilldown section, you can have a more detailed overview of each of the questions, including the custom ones. For each question and for each answer option, you can see how the answers differ between exposed and not exposed people.

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