What is a cache-buster?

What is a cache-buster?

A cache-buster is a small URL-parameter that should always be added to the tracking pixel URL. If the cache-buster is not added, the browser will re-use previously recognized elements of a website again and again on almost every page. This is a problem for ads, banners and tracking pixels. Therefore, we need the cache-buster to trick the browser into thinking that it is using different elements each and every time.

Purpose of a cache-buster

The purpose of the cache-buster is to enable us to register the correct amount of impressions on a campaign.

Most advertisement systems allow the usage of a cache-buster token. Cache-busters can be different from ad server to ad server. For more information regarding your ad server please read: Which cache buster shall I use for my ad server? or for more general information: Ad server implementation.

Why should I care?

Without a cache-buster we might be unable to register the correct impression count on your campaign. We will also encounter problems calculating frequency correctly, which will affect reach estimates in the system.

So in order to ensure good data quality, always use a cache-buster. 

For a more detailed explanation about how the cache-buster works, please read: Why do we need a cache-buster? 

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