The Satisfaction Report

The satisfaction report is where you get an overview of what your visitors think of your website. The results in the report are based on the standard usability questions in the survey.

Select time period and export or share the report

The satisfaction report reflects the activity over the past month but you can choose another time period using the date range selector on the top right corner.

The satisfaction scores

The website satisfaction slide shows the satisfaction score of each of the usability questions in the survey. This tab keeps track of changes over time and by clicking on "Spider web" you will also be able to see the results in the spider web format.


Compare satisfaction over time

Measure how user satisfaction improves over time by checking the “Over Time” section. 

You can also check how user satisfaction differs according to the different types of customer personas in the “Most satisfied” section.


Media drilldown section

If you run the survey widget on more than one website, in this section you can compare the satisfaction scores of all your different media.

  • Satisfaction_drilldown_on_media.png

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