How to get started with Kits?

Using Kits is a powerful way to validate and showcase your audience.

  1. First, you will need to set up Kits both in our interface and on your website. Once this is completed you only need to change in the setup if you change your website, media or sections on your website.
  2. Now it’s time to implement the SAK script on your websites and sections.

You can now define your media in the media section of Kits. Use a media/website top level, and define subsections on the site as well, if you like to see data both on top-level and on section level.

This means that, if possible, choose “Simple” when defining your media or section. If setting up a media, simply input the website URL like i.e. “”. If defining a section, and the section is an extension of the media defined by two “/”, like i.e. “”, simply input the extension, which in this case would be “blogs”.  

If one of the sections is not an extension of the website, but a separate URL, it will require you to use the “advanced” option for defining your media, as you will have to input more than one condition. Say that “” should be a section under “”, you will need to insert both URLs under “Defining your media” → “advanced” before you add “” as a section under the media.
Please be aware that for the advanced option, the condition “Website is” is equivalent to the simple option.
  1. Then style your media and Kits settings including your survey on the websites and save the adjustments. 

It is a step by step setup and all points have information on what to select when setting this up.

Once you have added all media and sections to your media list, and you have activated the SAK script and the survey on your site you are ready to receive data.

Kits needs a week of data before you can start reporting on this. So if you start on Monday week 45, data will be ready from Monday week 46. 

If you have questions or need help to handle this setup please feel free to reach out to our Client Service teams on

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