Case 1: Selecting a customer file

If you wish to select a customer file, click on “Select”. You will then need to name your seed. You can also give it a brief description and add labels to it. Once you have done this, click on the “Create” button.


You will then need to upload your file. Click on “Get started” and then on “Select file”. Once you have uploaded the file, click on “Next”.


The “Define” section will then open. Here, you will see that we have automatically set a type for each of the columns found in the sheet. Please note that we recommend you to go through each of the columns manually before transferring your data. You can modify the type by clicking on the “transfer as” column. When you are ready, click on “Transfer data”.


Once you are done transferring your data, you will be able to see the data summary of your file in the “file” section. Here you will also be able to upload new files.

You can also look into the “Statistics” section to get insights on the current and historical size of your seed, its columns and values. 

In the “columns” section, you will be able to change how the column names are displayed and rename them.

Now that your seed is ready, you can create an audience of people you can grow and push to other platforms. Please check our create your audience section to learn more.

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Case 2: Selecting an Amazon S3 file